Weed Control

     -Not only are weeds unsightly.  But, they compete for space, light, water and nutrients.  We can safely come up with way to control the amount of unwanted weeds in your lawn

Tree and Brush Trimming

     -While we do not climb trees, we will be happy to trim up your trees from the ground.  Low branches branches can be visually obstructing as well as dangerous to anyone walking by. Do you have an overgrowth of wild trees in the back of your lot?  Let us cut that mess out and haul it away.

Residential and Commercial Mowing since 1995

Commercial snow removal is available for businesses that have a yearly maintenance contract.  This includes scraping of lots and sidewalks and salt/ice melt applications.  We can make your business safe during the winter months.

Commercial Snow Removal


     -Your lawn requires fertilizer to maintain health and vigor  Our fertilizers will help maintain your lawn to stay healthy and flourish in that Kentucky changing weather conditions.

Lawn Care
Mulch Bed Maintenance

     -Keeping your landscape beds in order can be important to those wanting to keep a good looking lawn.  We will make sure your bed are properly maintained removing old mulch (if necessary), edging beds, weeding, and laying new mulch.

Spring and fall Cleanup

     -Leaf and debris removal, general property cleanup.  Anything laying on your lawn for any length of time can cause damage.  We can take that problem away from your property for you.

Imagine coming home to a fresh cut lawn after a hard days work


Our professionals will work with you to create a plan that is affordable and safe, that will improve your grounds.

Shrub, bush, and hedges

      -Are you bushes getting out of hand.  Let us trim the hedges.  Let us prune your shrubs.  Our employees have the know how to make the right cuts to improve the looks of your plants. And guess what, we do the worst part.  Cleaning up all those clippings

Landscaping can improve the looks of your home tremendously and bring up your property value.  It can also make your business look inviting and presentable to your customers.  Weather it is one small bush in your residential yard or a new install of a restaurant we can get the job done.

Lawn Mowing

     -Dependability is very important when deciding on who you let on your lawn.  We will show up in a timely manner weekly or as needed depending on the growth rate and weather.  Respectfully mow, trim, and edge sidewalks and curbs. Afterwards we clean up our mess. Blow off all sidewalks, patios, porches, etc.  Estimates are free!

Core Lawn Areation

     -During the year your yard takes a pounding.  Core lawn areation creates holes in your lawn and loosens soil and thatch to allow nutrients, air, and water to reach the roots.